Kingdmo Hearts | Formal Mickey Outfits

Happy birthday to the Disney mascot! For Mickey Mouse’s birthday, Square Enix has an update for Kingdom Hearts Union X[Cross]. The event will last from today to November 27th. Customize avatar boards further with outfits based on the mascot. A new medal based on the film Fantasia will also release on November 18th to December 18th for anyone who logs in. The medal itself is based on Mickey’s outfit in the film. During the duration, there will be a zero AP campaign for nearly unlimited content.

The avatar boards include the Formal Mickey and Minnie outfits, Orchestra Mickey and Minnie outfits, Royal Mickey and Minnie outfits, and Winter Mickey and Minnie outfits. Returning avatar boards now sit at 1000 jewels, instead of 2500. Equipping these outfits will provide various bonuses. They will also provide support medals to enhanced a player’s medal deck, gems, and much more.

Kingdom Hearts Union X[Cross] is a free-to-play mobile game. It is available in the App Store and Google Play for their respective devices. Team up with other players to combat the heartless leading up to the great war. The setting itself is chronology before every other game in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. The game itself feature in-app purchases.

Kingdom Hearts | Winter Mickey outfits

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