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Here at oprainfall, we love all things niche and quirky, so it should be no surprise that we’re covering Game Tengoku CruisinMix. This loony vertical SHMUP was originally released in Japan in 1997 and now is coming to Steam courtesy of Degica. While it’s true that gamers in Japan are getting this version later this month, fans in the West won’t have much longer to wait, as it’s slated to release in early 2018. Best of all, the original Game Tengoku team is doing the localization, as well as implementing new DLC and other goodies to come. Speaking of DLC, 2 batches have been revealed thus far, one for Clarice and the other for Homura Banto. Find out more details by reading the official Press Release below.

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Jaleco’s 1997 Shoot ’em up, Game Tengoku CrusinMix, Upcoming Release Updates and DLC!

TOKYO, November 13, 2017 – The Japanese version of Game Tengoku CruisinMix hits Steam later this month and the English version is coming right behind it, scheduled for an early 2018 release! The ORIGINAL Game Tengoku team is working HARD on implementing the localization, aiming for the highest quality and ensuring the original is done justice.

Clarice DLC

Clarice DLC!
A 15 year old girl from City Connection. This former Jaleco Game heroine travels the world in her beloved ClariceCar to find the man of her dreams. Her ClariceCar has a wide firing range and mid-level power, making it great for beginners. Hoping to beat off Momoko, her own bomber, the “Ultra Explosive ClariceBomber”, features a pin-up image of herself.
**Price and Release date TBD

Homura DLC

Homura Banto DLC!
Remember Bases Loaded? If so, have we got the DLC for you. Introducing Homura Banto, the first ever mascot that resulted from a bug in a classic NES baseball game. Can you decipher the name and guess the bug? Nah, I bet you have to look it up, n00b. The character design was done by Kenichi Sonada! (Suchie Pai, Riding Bean, Gunsmith Cats)
**Price and Release date TBD

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Game Overview:
Game Tengoku is a vertically scrolling shmup with characters and levels based on Japanese arcade culture of the 1990s. Game Tengoku was originally an arcade game about arcade games set in an arcade. Following the hit title released in 1995, Game Tengoku hit the Sega Saturn in 1997. It featured classic Jaleco characters mixed in with all-new original characters voiced by a number of popular voice actors and art by famous manga artist Tatsuya Souma. Game Tengouku managed to be a character-centric game without succumbing to any of the cut corners that usually come with such a title. It pays homage not only to classic Japanese arcade culture, but anime as well. The upcoming Steam and PlayStation 4 release, Game Tengoku CrusinMix, features a port of the original with additional gameplay elements and new characters!


Title: Game Tengoku CruisinMix
Genre: Super Hyper Goofy Shoot ’em Up
Platforms: PS4/Steam
Release Date: JP version – November 30, 2017, EN version – early 2018
Publishing: Degica Co., Ltd.
Planning & Production: Chara-ani corporation CITY CONNECTION

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