Raiden V Director's Cut

Raiden V: Director's Cut


Legendary arcade shoot ’em up, Raiden V: Director’s Cut, is now available for PlayStation 4 players across Europe. PQube put out a press release for the occasion and there is a trailer and a few screenshots you can see below, too.

Control a Raiden supersonic fighter squadron as Raiden V: Director’s Cut brings the high-intensity, bullet dodging action to the PlayStation 4 in Europe. The game also has both digital and physical formats, with a physical Limited Edition bundle that comes with a soundtrack CD. Here’s the trailer:


Raiden V: Director’s Cut includes a bunch of highlighted gameplay features, including:

  • Full 1080p support for HD visuals
  • Tri-View HUD shows real-time score tracking and command center information
  • A powerful cheer attack that is charged up by cheering other players
  • Fully narrated story that takes place in real-life locations that need to be saved from the aliens
  • Three new ships with unique weapons and ablities
  • Healthbars to track your ship’s status
  • Local 2-player cooperative mode for coop fighter action
  • Raiden V: Director’s Cut also adds challenging, all new levels into the game

Raiden V: Director's Cut


You can get a hold of your own copy of Raiden V: Director’s Cut at Amazon or at GAME. PlayStation 4 players in Europe can now enjoy the ultimate edition of the legendary arcade shoot ’em up and take on its new challenges. Can you defeat the aliens and save the world?


Raiden V: Director's Cut



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