Hope everybody had a great Halloween! I didn’t do much, just carved some pumpkins, but the holiday has always been near and dear to me. That said, it’s now officially November, and Nintendo is rushing ahead with new games this Nintendo Download. It starts with everybody’s favorite blue blur and ends with some My Nintendo goodies and new digital titles. Let’s see what’s worth playing!

Sonic Forces | Title

Yes yes, I said blue blur, and that means there’s a new Sonic game to discuss – Sonic Forces! From the same team that brought us popular Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors, we’re getting a new adventure where Eggman and another mystery villain have already destroyed most of the world, and Sonic has to fight to take it back. That’s fascinating on its own, but Forces also introduces the Custom Character mechanic, letting you design your very own hero! If that sounds interesting, you can pick up Sonic Forces on Switch as of November 7th.

Nintendo Download | Holiday Sweepstakes

Now, normally I would talk sales here, but as you can probably guess, the Game Guide is giving me heartache today. Luckily, My Nintendo is hosting a Holiday Sweepstakes that gives you the chance to win some great gifts. All it takes is for you to use My Nintendo and to participate, but you can click here and scroll down to find more details. Also on My Nintendo, in honor of the upcoming release of Sonic Forces, there are a bunch of sales on Sonic games, as well as a sweet calendar, displayed below.

Sonic Sales

Sonic Forces Calendar

Finally, there are a handful of new digital games worth a look this week. First up is creepy narrative thriller Perception, where you play a blind woman who must use echolocation to solve mysteries. If you prefer the thrills of space, Morphite looks like a 3D Xeodrifter, and features procedurally generated planets to explore. For the old at heart, ACA NEOGEO’s latest is Art of Fighting 3, sure to please classic fans of arcades. Also catering to old school is dungeon crawling tribute Heroes of the Monkey Tavern, which you should play for the title alone. Last but not least, the Wii U keeps on ticking with Virtual Console classic Power Golf.

Nintendo Download | Morphite

That’s it for this week. Short one, I know, but hopefully things will be more interesting next Thursday. Be sure to check back with oprainfall for the latest and greatest Nintendo Download, and let us know if you plan on picking up Sonic Forces!

Nintendo Download | Perception

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