Cursed Castilla | Knight Fight

Do you like playing the lone knight against hordes of the undead? Do you have a special hatred for winged imps? Do you like gaming on the go? If the answer to any of those was yes, you will be happy to hear that Cursed Castilla EX, the loving tribute to such classics as Ghosts n’ Goblins, is headed to the PS Vita this November! That’s great news by itself, but for those who love physical editions, you’re in for even more luck (if you live in Asia, that is).

Cursed Castilla | Fire

Courtesy of Eastasiasoft, Cursed Castilla EX is getting a sweet limited edition on November 9th. It will be sold exclusively through Play-Asia, and will feature a bunch of goodies, such as an art book (which I always appreciate) and a music CD. While it’s unfortunate that it isn’t slated to come to the US, there’s nothing stopping enterprising fans from buying it from Play-Asia themselves.

Cursed Castilla | Vita Limited Edition
That is a sexy artbook…

I personally am very happy Cursed Castilla EX is headed to the Vita. While it’s true that it is available now on 3DS, I always love for great games to be available on every possible console. Abylight Studios has made a fantastic game here, and thanks to Locomalito, Eastasiasoft and Play-Asia, we’re getting it in a variety of formats. November can’t get here soon enough!


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