Music publisher Materia Collective will be releasing an orchestral re-imagined soundtrack of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, entitled the Resurrection of the Night. Fittingly, this collection of tracks ties not only into the game’s 20th anniversary, but will launch right in time for Halloween.

The remix soundtrack will be arranged by Wayne Strange and Tim Stoney, both of Zelda Orchestrated and Video Games Live fame. The full track list runs thus, based on fan favorites of composer Michiru Yamane’s original compositions:

01. The Illusionary Dance (feat. Michaela Nachtigall)

02. Nocturne in the Moonlight

03. Dracula’s Castle

04. Dance of Gold (feat. Laura Intravia, Kristin Naigus)

05. Festival of Servants (feat. Ro Panuganti)

06. Marble Gallery

07. Wood Carving Partitia

08. Requiem for the Gods (feat. Chad Schwartz)

09. Dance of Pales

10. The Tragic Prince (feat. Ro Panuganti)

11. Blood Relations (feat. Ro Panuganti)

12. I am the Wind (feat. Katelyn Isaacson, Wayne Strange)

13. Enchanted Bwakquet

Pre-orders for Resurrection of the Night are now up on Bandcamp. In the meantime, Materia has a follow-up already in mind entitled Resurrection of the Night: Alucard’s Elegy. The music publisher plans to launch a Kickstarter next week to fund live orchestra and choir recordings for CD and vinyl releases. Mr. Strong has laid out his ambitions for the project, saying, “we intend to delve deeper into the anguish that Alucard must endure with Alucard’s Elegy. Because we would be moving into more story-driven material we would like to make this experience a truly authentic one.”

Alex Irish
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