Wedding Peach Amiibo



We’ve already known about the Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo for a long while now. Nintendo left fans with a bit of a mystery, though. What exactly does the Wedding Peach Amiibo do? Some Mario fans speculated that it would unlock the wedding dress for Mario. Others thought maybe it would unlock Peach herself has a playable character. Mario wearing a dress seemed rather unlikely to some, but then we’ve already seen him shirtless in Super Mario Odyssey. There’s also the fact that Link, of Legend of Zelda fame, has already cross dressed a couple of times. He disguised himself as a Gerudo woman in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and as a cheerleader in a mediocre 3DS title known as Triforce Heroes.

The mystery surrounding the Wedding Peach Amiibo has now been put to rest thanks to Family Gamer TV. They revealed a photo showing the back of the Wedding Peach Amiibo, which in turn shows what it will do for players in Super Mario Odyssey. The screenshot on the right side of the back of the box clearly shows Mario wearing a wedding dress. The image was released via Nintendo Daily News. It seems that Mario has decided to be a bit more surprising this time, by running around shirtless and wearing wedding dresses. As for why Mario decided to do this, I guess that’s for each player to answer each time they decide to wear those outfits! Luigi fans will probably be wondering where shirtless Luigi is now, but you never know. Perhaps Luigi could make an appearance as a playable character similar to how he did in Super Mario Galaxy. That is a discussion for another day, though.


Super Mario Odyssey and its Amiibo are set to launch in just a short week from now on October 27th!



Michael Fontanini
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