Limited Run Games Featured

Limited Run Games Featured


Limited Run Games has announced on their Twitter account that they have been approved to their games on the Nintendo Switch platform. They also announced that their first title for the Switch will launch next year. Limited Run Games is very happy about this news. They were asked in the comments about bringing their games to the Xbox One, but they’re reply was not as good for fans of that system.


In the comments, one fan asked if they could bring their games to Microsoft’s Xbox One console. Their response was less enthusiastic due to some of Microsoft’s policies that are problematic for the company. It was also noted that these same policies are keeping other companies, like NIS America, off of the Xbox One platform. The specific reason they can’t currently bring their titles to the Xbox One was stated in their initial response:

“Microsoft’s minimum order quantities are too high, unless they drop them drastically it’s not likely we can hit the platform.”


Limited Run Games did say that they would love to preserve games on the Xbox One, but that they are not likely to be able to do it for now. The company is known for their work as a special publisher that takes games made by other developers and gives them a physical release that they would otherwise probably never have had. However, they are not a developer, as they don’t make their own games.


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