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On November 15th, Hyakki Castle will launch on Steam thanks to publisher Happinet. Developed by Asakusa studios, it is a real-time dungeon crawling RPG with a two party system. During the 18th century in the Edo period of Japan, prepare to combat many monsters such as Yokai. Choose between a Samurai or Ninja and set forth into the castle, solving puzzles, traps, and battles. Using the 2-party system, use unique skills and up to four actions at a time to aid exploration and battle. What awaits in the mysterious castle?


Hyakki Castle Rewrites RPG Rulebook with Unique 2 Party System, Launching on PC Nov. 15
Choose from Ninja, Samurai, Monks, and Build the Ultimate Party of Secret Assassins. Split Forces Strategically, and Overcome Haunted Horrors
TOKYO, JAPAN — (Oct. 19, 2017) — Japanese videogame publisher, Happinet, today announced that Hyakki Castle will launch on PC via Steam on Nov. 15. Developed by Asakusa Studios, Hyakki Castle aims to deliver a thrilling, mysterious, and suspenseful real-time dungeon crawling RPG experience.
Set in the 18th century during the Edo Period of Japan, the game is based on the eerie, hair-raising “Fantastical World,” bringing a slew of creepy monsters, such as the “Yokai” of ancient Japanese literature, back to life, ready and waiting for any players brave enough to enter the secretive castle. Hyakki Castle brings classic Japanese folklore and ghost stories to life with an unforgettable Ukiyoe art style as players explore the frightening halls of the castle, battling forbidding demons and terrifying ghosts along the way. Choose between a Samurai or Ninja and venture forth into the enormous castle, filled with clever and cunning traps, to do battle, solve puzzles, defeat bosses, and ultimately defeat the gloomy Lord of the castle.
Featuring a brand new approach to the traditional real-time dungeon RPG battle system, Hyakki Castle encourages players to split their party with its exclusive 2-party system, a feature not yet seen in real-time dungeon RPGs. Work together to use unique skills and equip up to four actions at the same time to aid in eradicating monsters with distinctive attacks, defenses, projectiles and magic spells while executing pincer attacks, flanking enemies, and more as you uncover the mysteries hidden within the castle’s remote and isolated depths.
Developed by Asakusa Studios, Hyakki Castle is to be published by Happinet. The game is scheduled to release for PC via Steam on Nov. 15, 2017. More game information will be shared as the game comes closer to launch.
Check out the new “Haunted Halls” trailer for Hyakki Castle on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/LnS0oDQrY8c
For more information, please visit the game’s page on Steam or Asakusa Studios’ game page here, and follow the game’s updates on Facebook or view their previously announced YouTube gameplay reveal trailer.
About Asakusa Studios
Based in Asakusa, Japan, Asakusa Studios is game studio comprised of Japanese “Samurai” creators that bring unique games to their lovable gaming fans from around the world.
About Happinet
Happinet is a Japanese comprehensive entertainment trading company that boasts either top or near-top market share in each of its four main businesses: toys; visual and music; video games; and amusements. In 2017, the company announced it will bring the distinctly Japanese RPG, Hyakki Castle, to western audiences. For more information, visit http://www.happinet.co.jp/happinet_english/index.html


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