Neon Chrome

Neon Chrome


Neon Chrome is a procedurally generated twin-stick shooter that includes some light RPG elements, too. The game is set to land on the Nintendo Switch on October 12th, which is the tail end of next week. You’ll be able to get it on that Thursday for a price tag of $14.99 USD.

10tons Ltd. CEO, Tero Alatalo commented on the game’s impending Nintendo Switch launch:

”For the better part of the year, Neon Chrome has been our most fan-requested title for Nintendo Switch. I’m glad we now have a date it’ll finally happen. Ready your mirror shades!”


Neon Chrome plays from a top-down perspective in the midst of a science fiction setting. Every play-through will be unique thanks to the procedural generation of the game’s levels. Neon Chrome‘s light RPG elements include things like better weapons, cybernetic enhancements, permanent statistics upgrades, and different character classes. You will experience intense gunfights and see the game’s destructible environments in action at the same time.

Neon Chrome allows players to fire weapons through walls, detonate rooms, or even destroy entire floors! The game also features hand-crafted boss fights. You will also unlock new weapons, abilities, and enhancements for yourself as you keep playing. Those enhancements can then be installed and your weapons can be upgraded to increase your might.

You can view the press release on the 10tons Website.

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