BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle match start

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Ruby super

Gray Haddock, an employee of Rooster Teeth and one of the producers for RWBY, released a video on Twitter last night showing off some gameplay for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. The video, just over two minutes long, features a fight between Ruby and Ragna against Ruby and Jin, giving us the first sustained look at the fighting game’s gameplay and system.

The video can be see in the Tweet, and if you want a higher-quality version of the video you can see it below, via Gematsu:

The video shows off character switching, how the game transitions after taking out a character, some supers, and the new “Resonance Blaze” mechanic that appears to be similar to BlazBlue’s Overdrives or Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s X-Factor. Jin and Ragna seem to have similar movesets to their previous BlazBlue appearances, and we get to see some of Ruby’s moves and combos.

For those interested in getting hands-on with BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, the game will be playable this weekend at the Rooster Teeth booth at New York Comic Con. Then, from October 14-15 it will be at the South East Asia Major in Singapore, as well as RTX London that same weekend. Finally, the game will be at Arc System Works’ own Arc Revolution Cup 2017 on October 21. In any case, we’ll likely be learning more about the game in the near future.

Chris Melchin
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