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A Kickstarter staff pick which may have flown under your radar much like it did mine, is an upcoming RPG called GLITCHED. This is a mystery and exploration RPG with traditional turn-based combat and a pixel art style. The game will give you a look into the world of SOREN, where a glitch appears and unexpected hero Gus, becomes aware of the player. It is a title full of fourth wall breaking antics and decisions you as the player will make, to shape the world inside of GLITCHED. The team behind GLITCHED is En House Studios. It looks like they’re a three person team and them, along with a few friends, will all work together to develop the game.

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GLITCHED has already been funded and is currently in development. They received 3,071 backers who together, pledged a total of $68,646 to make sure this game is able to be completed and put out into the world. The title was originally to be released for PC, Mac and Linux but after reaching various stretch goals, GLITCHED will also come to PS Vita, PS3, PS4, and XBOX One. Unfortunately, the stretch goal for 3DS was not reached, but nonetheless, it will be widely available across numerous platforms.


While yes this project was funded, we all know many disappointing games have come out of Kickstarter. Although, En House Studios is committed to showing off how capable they are and letting us know they will do everything they can, to live up to the hype and promise they have given everyone for GLITCHED. One way they’re doing this is by giving out a free demo prototype of the game, available for PC and Mac. Also on their site you can find a link to pre-order the game through Paypal. Not only that, but on their Kickstarter campaign page, they’ve included numerous pictures of what various aspects of the game look like and even some sound clips of various background music in the game.

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Personally, I’ll be keeping my eye on this one and I have hope for their success. Other stretch goals reached for GLITCHED are a customizable hub town, a farm for Bebo’s(flightless birds you can collect), an arcade to be built in the hub town, animated faces for speech bubbles, animated enemies, additional content(new areas to explore, new quests, equipment, etc.), a new game plus mode(with tougher enemies, hidden secrets and more), a friendship system, a day and night cycle and finally, additional post release DLC(which will be free for people who backed the game). Feel free to check out their Kickstarter campaign page for additional details and a look at the many screenshots of GLITCHED, along with the previously mentioned music clips. No word yet on any sort of release date, but they have come up with an estimated delivery date of February 2018 for backer rewards. This is one game I think we should keep our eye on, hopefully it ends up as something special.

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