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Square Enix has announced that the co-op retro revival Spelunker Party! will be excavating its way to North America and Europe on October 17th. It has a focus on 4-player co-op across 100 devious levels with many treasures to hunt, although you can adventure solo, too. It’s hook lies in one-hit kills and limited lives should you make too many mistakes.

Spelunker Party! was originally released in Japan as the free-to-play Minna de Spelunker Z in 2015 for PlayStation 4 and Vita. It was later adapted for a fully-priced game for Nintendo Switch this past April, and in turn is a sequel to the classic Spelunker from the NES and various computers in the 1980s.

Available for both Nintendo Switch and Steam on PC, Switch players get a playable demo of Spelunky Party! on October 7th. It retails on both platforms for the equivalent of $29.99 USD.

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