Sword Art Online | Shino Asada Yukata Ver.

Good Smile Company and FREEing are teaming up to bring Sword Art Online fans a lovely figure of the cool and collected beauty, Shino Asada. The figure showcases Shino wearing a charming light blue yukata with a small umbrella in her right hand. Shino looks at you over her shoulder with a nice and subtle smile which is sure to send many hearts a flutter.

Sword Art Online | Shino Asada Yukata Ver. 1

The pose that sculptor Amasu (Ringo Renmei) gave Shino is great and stays really true to her character. It’s quite a simple pose really, nothing too elaborate which fits Shino perfectly. Shino gives you a look over her shoulder, umbrella in hand and gives a smile. This alone helps to bring out the cool and mysterious charm that many fans have come to love about Shino.

Surprisingly, unlike most other figures, this figure features Shino with her real life appearance as opposed to her GGO/ALO avatar, Sinon.

Good Smile Company describes her figure as follows:

From “Sword Art Online the Movie -Ordinal Scale-” comes a figure of Shino Asada sculpted wearing a yukata and based on her appearance from the real world, just like the previously released figure of Asuna Yuuki!

The light blue yukata has a very relaxed feeling to it, which together with her pose looking over the shoulder creates a charming look that brings out the mysterious feel of her character for fans to enjoy. Shino will be waiting on a summer night with her umbrella out for you to come and pick her up!

You can check out some more pictures of Shino’s figure below.

Sword Art Online | Shino Asada Yukata Ver. 2 

Sword Art Online | Shino Asada Yukata Ver. 3

Sword Art Online | Shino Asada Yukata Ver. 4

Sword Art Online | Shino Asada and Asuna Yukata Ver.

The Shino Asada: Yukata Ver. figure is manufactured by FREEing and distributed by Good Smile Company. It is sculpted by Amasu (Ringo Renmei) and is 1/8 scale. The figure stands approximately 24 cm tall (including the umbrella).

The Shino Asada: Yukata Ver. figure is set to release in March 2018. It will cost approximately ¥10,926 (Before Tax, about $97.59).

You can pre-order the figure at the following link below:

Play-Asia: Pre-order

This Yukata figure for Shino Asada is absolutely beautiful and you should definitely consider adding her to your collection if your fan of Sword Art Online. Even if you’re not a fan and just like collecting figures in general, you should consider adding this one to your collection as it’s a real beauty.

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