Flying Witch

Sentai Filmworks announced yesterday the English cast for Flying Witch.

The cast:

Makoto: Stephanie Wittels

Chinatsu: Juliet Simmons

Kei: Adam Gibbs

Nana: Joanne Bonasso

Keiji: John Swasey

Akane: Christina Kelly

Anzu: Kira Vincent Davis

Inukai: Chelsea Mccurdy

Nao: Chaney Moore

Anzu’s Mother: Courtney Lomelo

Hina: Melissa Molano

Chito: Tiffany Grant

Kenny: Kyle Jones

Al: Alexandra Bedford

Harbinger of Spring: Kregg Daily

Sentai Filmworks describes Flying Witch:

Traditionally, when a witch turns 15, she’s supposed to go out into the world alone to study magic. Makoto’s parents, however, believe that their directionally-challenged daughter should get a high school degree. Instead of being sent out on her own, Makoto and her cat Chito find themselves traveling from the bustling city of Yokohama to Aomori Prefecture, where they’ll stay with relatives until Makoto finishes school. It’s going to be a big adjustment, and it only gets more complicated since “normal” people aren’t supposed to know that witches exist… something that she tends to forget. In the meantime, Makoto, her cousins, and her new friends will have to work a just little harder to adapt to a whole new way of life when the new girl in town is a FLYING WITCH!

The anime premiered in June of last year, which Sentai Filmworks did a simulcast of the series. A complete collection, available in both premium and standard editions, releases on October 24th.


Tyler Trosper
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