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Doom on Switch has Campaign on Cart, Downloadable Multiplayer


Bethesda made a few surprise announcements during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct with the reveal that both Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus were headed to Switch. Doom, which came out last year to high praise as a return to form for the series, will be available this holiday. The physical version will only contain the single player campaign due to the game’s size, but the multiplayer campaign will be available as a download. The game will also contain all patches and DLC for the game, but will not have the SnapMap level editor which was added to other versions of the game. Bethesda also featured the box art for both Doom and Wolfenstein II on their official Twitter account.

Between these titles and Skyrim, it’s nice to see Bethesda step up as a third-party partner to Nintendo.

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