I admit going into PAX West that I was totally unaware that Shu had already released on Steam, PS4 and Vita. All I knew was that it had an utterly adorable art style and was a platformer, and then I was sold. Set in a world beset by a monstrous storm, Shu proved to be one of my highlights from PAX West 2017.

Shu | Jump

I was pleased that the version I got to play of Shu was the upcoming Switch build. The Switch version will include all the DLC except for the Vita exclusive called the Refuge. Either way, this game is still a joy to behold and to play on the Switch. The controls are all intuitive and simple, but that doesn’t mean the game isn’t a challenge. I pride myself on being an avid player of platformers, but for some gamers the timing and maneuvering required might be a higher hurdle.

Shu | Friends

While Shu is equipped with wings which lets him hover in the air, you can acquire temporary new abilities in a unique fashion – using the buddy system! When you find a stranded villager in a stage, they’ll grab your hand and join you to temporarily lend you their particular skill. Skills can range from double jumps to opening flower buds to manipulating elevators. It’s a ton of fun seeing what you can accomplish this way, and it does a good job of making Shu a game that gamers of any age can enjoy.

Shu | Mushrooms

It might sound like the game is on the light hearted side, and while that is true, there are segments that will get your blood pumping. These occur when you run from the unrelenting Storm, which manifests itself as a congregation of purplish clouds ending in a diabolical grimace. The Storm wants nothing so much as to gobble you up, and it’s pretty fast chasing you. These sections were a nice change of pace, and convinced me that Shu is a game worth checking out further.

Shu | Run
Do NOT let the Storm catch you!

I know I can’t wait til Shu releases for the Nintendo Switch. Coatsink has created a delightful platformer that appeals to gamers of many skill levels. Now I’ll just need to decide whether I want it on Steam, Vita or Switch…

Shu | Wind
Flying to a Switch near you!
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