The Nintendo Switch port of Rayman LegendsDefinitive Edition now has a release date of September 12th for North America and Europe. From its January announcement until now, it carried a nebulous ‘fall 2017’ release window. According to Ubisoft, the Definitive Edition will carry all the original games’ content and more, including an updated Kung Foot mode, 4-player local co-op, and touch controls for Murphy when the Switch is in portable mode.

To promote the release, Ubisoft along with Nintendo have confirmed that a demo will be released “later this summer”. The demo was up on the European eShop for a brief stint a few days ago, only to get pulled later. It seems the demo went live in error, and video walkthroughs demonstrate the port’s issues when running in TV Mode (slowdown and poor audio being the key culprits). These issues don’t exist when played portably.

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Rayman Legends, the sequel to Rayman Origins, was originally announced in 2012 as a Wii U exclusive, and intended to make full use of the Wii U GamePad. Publisher Ubisoft pushed its release out of the console’s launch window and into September 2013, all while taking away its exclusivity and porting the game across multiple platforms.

As of now, the game is available across Wii U, PS3, PS Vita, PS4, Xbox 360, PC, and Xbox One, with the enhanced Switch port to launch four years after its initial release.

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