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Corrupted Save Podcast Episode 4: Duo

Corrupted Save Podcast

Disclaimer: The opinion in this article is that of the author, and not that of Operation Rainfall as a whole.

On todays Episode of the Corrupted Save Podcast a team comprised of Mitch and Chris brave the harsh realitiess of our time and try to make sense of it all

We kinda missed EVO and the KH3 reveal so we won’t be discussing news from them.

BUT we will be discussing:

The SNES Mini

Yoko Taros favorite PS4 games

Highlights from Anime Expo

And the Senran Kantroversy.

We also have:

Waifu Of the Week

Alluring and Abhorrent

What have you been playing

and finally whats coming up on the site.

Follow the podcast @corrupted_save really helps me out.

Mitchell Tromans
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