I know that I said the Nintendo Download would be later this Summer, and while that will likely be the norm, today is the exception! Best of all, the sale guide is functioning this week, so I’ll cover some discounted goodies. Let’s see what games Nintendo has for us this week!

Nintendo Download | Kirby's Blowout Blast

First up for all you Kirby fans out there is a new(ish) title for the 3DS – Kirby’s Blowout Blast! This delightful 3D romp is an updated version of a previously release eShop mini game (the name is totally escaping me right now). This game will only cost $6.99 and will feature delightful boss battles and general Kirby sized mayhem. If you’re more in the mood for multiplayer mayhem, you might be interested in picking up Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Wii U Virtual Console. Originally released for the Wii, this game is chaotic fun, but only with friends. Solo it’s pretty lackluster, unfortunately.

Nintendo Download | Blast 'Em Bunnies

I promised some sales, and I aim to deliver. First up, there is a sale of the Nnooo Games lineup, including the following quirky titles – escapeVektor for $3.49; The Legend of Kusakari for $2.49; Blast ‘Em Bunnies for $2.49 and Cubemen 2 for $3.99. If that’s not enough sales for you, you might want to check out the following – Citadale: The Legends Trilogy (Wii U) for $4.95; SubaraCity (3DS) for $2.99; Super Destronaut 3D (3DS) for $1.59; Rorrim (Wii U) for $2.75; Tallowmere (Wii U) for $2.49; Grumpy Reaper (Wii U) for $1.74; FullBlast (Wii U) for $2.09; Life of Pixel (Wii U) for $4.99 and The Keep (3DS) for $5.99. That’s a lot of great savings, so if any look interesting to you, I’d check them out!

Nintendo Download | Tempest Trials

Fire Emblem Heroes is getting new content. First up are the Bound Hero Battles being introduced, as well as an event that will be active until July 12th; the second Tempest Trials event, Resonating Fangs, starts tomorrow and goes until the 20th; there is also the Ylissean Summer event, bringing bikini and swimsuit clad heroes from Awakening to Heroes; and lastly, update 1.5.0 will introduce Chain Challenge and Squad Assault to Story Maps. That’s a lot more content for the only mobile Fire Emblem game!

Nintendo Download | Implosion
Hard to believe this is a 3rd party game!

Finally, there are a bunch of new digital games worth a look (more than usual, actually). First let’s talk Switch games. The ACA NEOGEO series brings us Metal Slug 2 today in all its retro arcade glory. Next up is the delightful Bulb Boy, a 2D horror puzzle game that I swear I can recall being crowdfunded a while ago. If you like hack and slashing in giant mechs, then you should check out the great looking Implosion. Or you might be more interested in the extremely quirky sheep increasing card game Shephy (no, I don’t know what the title means either). If you have fond memories of the original Resident Evil games but want limitless potential, then Vaccine is for you. It looks like classic RE style but with procedurally generated maps. It’s a bit corny, but also looks pretty robust. Finally, the Wii U gets a bit more love with Revenant Saga, a gothic RPG from Kemco. Not a bad selection of games, though some might be better served waiting for sales.

Nintendo Download | Shephy

That’s it for this week’s Nintendo Download! We hope you enjoy these carefully cultivated suggestions and look forward to joining us next time for more Nintendo games worth playing.

Nintendo Download | Vaccine
Not creepy at all…
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