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Naoya Shimokawa, the president of the visual novel/RPG developer Aquaplus released an update with regards to the upcoming titles in the works at his company. He revealed that there are around 3-4 titles currently in development at Aquaplus, with one of them planned for a spring 2018 release in Japan. More information about this title is likely to be revealed later this year, however apologies in advance if this does not happen.

The tweet by Naoya says:

“It has just come to my attention, but I guess there are zero announced Aquaplus titles planned for after the release of Dungeon Travelers 2-2… But surely enough, we are moving forward on the development of three to four titles, so please look forward to them. We should be able to announce the title planned for release around next spring before the year ends. My apologies if we can’t.”
Furthermore, Naoya comments on the fan feedback he has recieved about possible sequels, which vary from a new Utawarerumono game to romance visual novels like To Heart 3.
“‘A New Utawarerumono Development,’ ‘Tears to Tiara 3,’ ‘Dungeon Travelers 3,’ ‘To Heart 3,’ etc.—everyone, thank you for voicing your expectations and support. From this point as well, our staff will work together as one. However, there are many threes, maybe even things such as a Comic Party 3 that skips a second game!? At some sort of other company, such titles exist. (Laughs.)”
(Game pictured is Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord on PS3)


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