Castle of Shikigami | Featured

Castle of Shikigami | Featured

Alfa System’s Castle of Shikigami is a vertically scrolling, supernatural shoot ’em up game. It takes place in the summer of 2005, where Tokyo’s police force is investigating a serial killer case, where 32 females have been found murdered. They’ve called in specialists to investigate and titled it “The Castle of Shikigami Incident.” You can choose from one of six characters, all with their own special abilities and storylines. At full price, the game is normally $11.99 but you can currently get it for 17% off for a price of $9.95. Feel free to check out the trailer below. Also below, are the main features as listed on Steam’s store page for the game.

Game Features:

  • Six playable characters with unique abilities and storylines

  • Five multipart stages of nightmarish demons in a ghost-infested modern-day Japan

  • Tension Bonus System that rewards risk

  • Exploit the time system to boost your score

  • Two-player local cooperative play

  • Newly translated story mode and character bios

  • Steam Achievements, Leaderboards and Trading Cards

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