Visual novel and eroge localiser MangaGamer have revealed in a blog post that the Circus-developed roamnce visual novel, D.S. ~Dal Segno~ is now available for pre-order on (link is 18+) ahead of the title’s digital release on 30th June. Furthermore, the title will also be coming to Steam with a free 18+ patch that restores the adult content to the game, therefore giving the Steam version parity with the MangaGamer edition.

Dal Segno is not alone. MangaGamer have also announced that it is a new company policy to release 18+ patches for as many of their all ages Steam versions of their games where possible, including some older titles so patches may not be immediately possible for those. They tease more details on this in the coming weeks.

MangaGamer explains the events leading up to this as follows:

We know how important platform choice and version parity are to many of you, so we used our recent in-person meeting with Valve as an opportunity to address those concerns and discuss content restrictions and off-site patching. We’re committed to doing right by our customers while adhering to Valve’s policies, and to that end we managed to reach an understanding with Valve regarding patches.

Furthermore, MangaGamer cite that many of their “more mature” titles will not have their content stripped to make an all ages version for Steam (citing euphoria as an example) and will remain exclusive to their webstore.

Dal Segno releases for PC via Steam and on 30th June.


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