Spring Sale Encore

Humble Bundle is having a Spring Sale Encore with hundreds of games on sale through May 29th. Square Enix, Bethesda, Capcom, SEGA, Activision, and plenty of others all have titles on sale.

 Grand Theft Auto V is 50% off and can be yours for $29.99. The Witcher Wild Hunt GOTY Edition is $24.99, also a 50% discount.

There are also plenty of indie titles included in the sale.

Rising Storm GOTY Edition is free for the next day or so. Hurry over to grab your games and save some cash before the sale is over. Or don’t. No pressure.

Crystal Colwell
What's up everyone? Crystal here! I spend my time writing up the news for you all and keeping us all up to date with incoming game info from Japan. I do a little bit of everything else around here, too. :) Happy Reading!