corrupted save

Welcome to the premier episode of the Corrupted Save Podcast.

Joining me on today’s episode we have Dalton and Benny from Oprainfall, and also our special guests Mao and Fishheads from Lowbudgetstreams.

This week we talk about –
Vanquish arriving on PC
Alan Wake being removed from digital stores
The 2DS XL
Darksiders 3
and Sonic Forces, please post your name the hedgehog.

We also take a look at the most recent localization announcements.

This week ten years ago: Odin Sphere

Additionally, we find out what everyone has been playing, and their alluring and abhorrent.

Our question of the day: what is your alignment in regards to the sandwich chart?

Finally, I am trying to get a quiz segment started up for the show, but I need you, yes YOU, the beautiful listeners, to give us your answers.
Please fill out the following survey. It would really help me out.


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