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Shovel Knight Official Design Works Burrows Into August

It’s no exaggeration to say I’m probably the most fanatic Shovel Knight fan on the oprainfall staff. Not only was it my first crowdfunded project, it continues to produce amazing new DLC and other content. It’s a wonderful tribute to the retro games of my youth, and I love Yacht Club Games’ commitment to quality gaming. So it’s not a surprise to hear that I’m incredibly excited about the announcement of the Shovel Knight Official Design Works!

Shovel Knight | Official Design Works

While a Shovel Knight art book sounds great in its own right, hearing that Yacht Club is teaming up with Udon to produce it makes it even better. Udon is well known for making quality, in depth art books, and I have no doubt their tribute to Shovel Knight will be a must have collection piece for all fans. From the brief excerpts provided on Yacht Club’s site, it already looks quite impressive.

Shovel Knight | excerpt

If you are equally spellbound by the Shovel Knight Official Design Works, here’s some handy information. It’s 184 pages and is slated to release at a variety of retailers August 2017 and is priced at $39.99. It is softcover, which may be a downer for some, but it should still be a very nice book. Besides, hardcovers just cost more! If you’re eager to preorder this lovely book, you can do so now via Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Shovel Knight | excerpt 2


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