Axiom Verge creator Thomas Happ has expressed interest in bringing his game to the Nintendo Switch. Appearing on the podcast World 1-1, Mr. Happ hoped to bring Axiom Verge to the Switch both digitally and at retail. Such a retail release, he desired, would include a manual, a documentary, and the official soundtrack.

While some outlets misconstrued that to mean the game was confirmed for a Switch release, producer Dan Adelman took to Twitter to clarify that a Switch port is not currently in development. “Tom never said that Axiom Verge is confirmed for Switch… :(,” he tweeted. “We need [Nintendo] to say it’s okay. We could’ve had it out at launch.” When pressed further, Dan specified that they have been asking Nintendo about a release for over a year. In his words, “we’ve been asking them non-stop for over a year. They’re being douches.”

While a Switch retail release for Axiom Verge is not currently in the cards, publisher BadLand Games is bringing the acclaimed exploratory platformer to retail on PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and even Nintendo’s own Wii U. Those ports are coming to stores sometime in Q2 this year.

Alex Irish
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