Mirage: Arcane Warfare | Beta

The closed beta launches today at 10:00 AM PDT for Torn Banner Studios’s Mirage: Arcane Warfare. The beta will remain live until near the game’s release, which is expected to launch May 23rd.

Torn Banner Studios released two trailers, one detailing the Closed Beta launch, the other a walkthrough detailing the game’s mechanics:

Anyone who preorders Mirage: Arcane Warfare, which also goes live at 10:00 PM PDT, is allowed access to the beta. Players who preorder the game also receive an extra “Friend Key.”

Furthermore, if you have purchased the company’s previous game, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, you receive 10% off their latest game. Also, in celebration of Mirage: Arcane Warfare’s beta launch, Torn Banner Studios is making Chivalry: Medieval Warfare free to download between March 27th and the 28th.

For more information about today’s announcements, a press release was provided.

Mirage: Arcane Warfare Release Date Announced;

Pre-Orders and Closed Beta Go Live Today

 Mirage: Arcane Warfare | Beta

To Celebrate, the Developer is Giving “Chivalry: Medieval Warfare” Away for Free, March 27-28

TORONTO, March 27th, 2017 Torn Banner Studios, creators of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, will today officially launch the Closed Beta for their upcoming magic ‘n melee multiplayer combat game Mirage: Arcane Warfare. Today starting at 10:00 AM PDT, players who pre-order Mirage: Arcane Warfare get instant access to the Beta, which is live until close to the game’s release date. Plus, Chivalry owners get 10% off.

Mirage: Arcane Warfare Release Date: May 23rd, 2017

 To mark this important occasion in the game’s development, Torn Banner Studios is pleased to reveal the release date for Mirage: Arcane Warfare: May 23rd, 2017. Pre-orders begin today at 10:00 a.m. PDT on the game’s Steam page, and early adopters will gain instant access to the Beta by ordering the Standard or Special Edition. Pre-order customers are also granted one additional “Friend Key” of the Closed Beta. More details on pre-orders for Mirage: Arcane Warfare can be found here.

 Beta players will experience the most complete version of Mirage: Arcane Warfare to date – under no Non-Disclosure Agreement; all broadcasting is allowed. Featuring all six character classes and two tiers of swappable magic abilities, the Closed Beta will rotate periodically through a total of eleven different environments and five gameplay modes. Players will also be introduced to a new character called the Entropist, a burly mage with a penchant for bar fights, wine and vulgarity. He can heal allies and summon a flying carpet – see his reveal in the final moments of the Walkthrough trailer.

 “Mirage is at a crucial state of development, so we’re really looking forward to sharing what we’ve been so proud to work on in the Closed Beta,” said Torn Banner Studios President Steve Piggott. “Seeing and reading real reactions from gamers will help us tune the final product to make the ultimate skill-based combat game.”

 Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Free for a Day

 Torn Banner Studios is also making their hit game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare available for free for a day on Steam. With over 5 million players, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare was a cult hit thanks to its immersive, bloody medieval theme and complex combat system that caters to a high skill ceiling. From March 27th to 28th players will be able to download the game and permanently add it to their library for free, while taking advantage of the 10% off bonus that Chivalry owners get when pre-ordering Mirage: Arcane Warfare.

 Learn more about Mirage’s character classes in the new Instruments of Death video series. The Vypress, Taurant, Vigilist, and Tinker have been presented in videos so far, with remaining class trailers to follow in the lead up to the May 23rd, 2017 launch of Mirage: Arcane Warfare. For more information please visit MirageArcaneWarfare.com. Like their game’s Facebook page and follow it on Twitter @MirageGame for future news and updates.

About Torn Banner Studios
Torn Banner Studios is a small indie games studio that makes BIG games. Based in Toronto Canada, Torn Banner Studios was founded in 2012 by a group of passionate game developers who are dedicated to creating powerful and unique games for a dedicated audience of fans. The nucleus of the team first came together from a group of modders who created a well-known Half-Life 2 mod called Age of Chivalry. Their first full game, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, was a critical and commercial success and has driven the dedicated team at Torn Banner to continue to develop great games and ongoing content for their passionate community of fans. For more information visit TornBanner.com or follow @TornBanner.

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