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StarCrossed is what happens when Magical Girls take over your favorite old-school arcade games! This is a 2-player cooperative game where you and another person take control of two magical girls as they travel across space defeating various enemies using the power of stars! This could have just been a simple shoot-em-up where you take on wave after wave of enemies until the level is over and to an extent StarCrossed is exactly that however, the twist is that the projectiles you are using MUST be bounced and reflected off each player. You can also spin your character to hit the star harder, making it travel faster across the screen. If bouncing the star towards your enemies wasn’t enough for you to handle, you and your partner must dodge their projectiles and attacks! Teamwork is definitely key and something Contigo Games plans on accomplishing with this title. The best way I could describe StarCrossed is that the game is Pong and Robotron mixed together. Like Robotron, the screen quickly fills with enemies and their attacks, which can become very tricky to avoid if you do not take them out quickly. If one of your characters takes too much damage the game is over, so make sure both of you are on your A-game before being able to challenge the later levels.

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One of StarCrossed’s best aspects outside of the nice spin on the formula is the artwork. The characters look like the stepped out of an amazing graphic novel. Contigo Games said that they plan on adding a story mode and a survival mode to ensure that players not only get attached to these characters, but can come back to experience the gameplay some more. I recorded a brief clip to give you all a sense of the kind of game StarCrossed is:


Overall StarCrossed looks to be a very fun and addictive game that can put you and a friend’s compatibility to the test. Will you end up closer than ever? Or will you throw your controllers at each other out of frustration? StarCrossed is there to answer that question when it releases later this year on Steam. You can follow the game’s development through the official twitter by clicking the image below:

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