Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~ cover art

Via a Kickstarter update the Dies irae World Emanation Project has released backerkit and Pre-Order details.  Here is the information contained in the update:

Hello Backers!

Thank you for all of your patience. Today, we are happy to announce that Backerkit is almost ready for launch!

As announced during the campaign, we will be using Backerkit for managing add-ons and surveys. Backers will be able to adjust your pledge and make choices for the add-ons. Pre-orders will be available from Backerkit as well.

All Kickstarter backers will receive a link to the Backerkit website through the email address you registered on Kickstarter, so be sure to check your mail! The planned date is March 23rd (JST), provided we have no issues crop up before the launch.

At the same time as the launch, we will be offering pre-ordering of selected rewards. Everyone who missed the funding period on Kickstarter can then get a copy of the game in English, as well as a chance to get hold of Dies irae merch.

The planned duration of the pre-order is one month, between Match 23rd to April 23rd (JST).

Also, we have a special sneak peek of the colored cover art for the Kickstarter copies of Dies ire -Amantes amentes-. Please note that this image is still work-in-progress, and is subject to change.


Steve Baltimore
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