Yandere Dev has released a live-action promotional trailer for his upcoming title Yandere Simulator, which adopts a real world approach to the slice-of-life simulation game. Writing about it on his blog, Yandere Dev mentions how it began by a cosplay group that apporached him offering to make the trailer and that after several delays it has finally been released. The trailer is set to a popular Japanese folk song “Tsubasa Wo Kudasai”, with an original storyboard done by SRealms.

As for the actual footage, it showcases one of the more gruesome strategies in which you can use to try to beat Yandere Simulator, although there are other ways you can succeed in the title. The title’s main objective is you play as a character that is trying to destroy Senpai’s popularity and love life.

You can watch the trailer below. Yandere Simulator is in development for PC and consoles with no final release date.

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