Celebrating its 35th anniversary, the Macross series is getting a new anime series. Not much is known about this new series yet other than it premieres sometime in 2018. The news came straight from the second Macross Delta “Walkure ga Tomaranai” concert on Sunday.

Several projects were announced for the 35th anniversary, including virtual reality, live music concerts, a planetarium, an amusement center, mapping displays, toys, shops, and network projects. The concert from Sunday is planned to have a home video release as well.

Macross is celebrating a long history, originally premiering in 1982 with The Super Dimension Macross. Since then, it has had several series, movies, and OVAs, with the most recent series, Macross Delta, premiering last year. The series is known for its transforming fighter planes and virtual idols. One could argue the franchise predicted the popularity of virtual idols before the likes of Hatsune Miku even existed.


Tyler Trosper
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