Pillow Zombies TD

Grr Studios has revealed their new game, Pillow Zombies TD. If you couldn’t guess, the TD stands for Tower Defense, but don’t let that fool you. In Pillow Zombies TD, you use various traps and turrets to defend yourself from a scary world. In order to proceed through the story, you have to make sure your character survives.

Grr Studios released a quick video showcasing the gameplay:

For further details, Grr Studios provided a press release.

Pillow Zombies TD is not your typical Tower Defense game. You take control of a hero to use towers(turrets), traps, and special abilities to defend yourself. Fight your way through different locations and find out how deep this rabbit hole of a story goes.

“I am a huge fan of the tower defense” says GRR Studios co-founder Grant Pang. “There’s nothing wrong with the TD genre, I just want to explore and be creative with it”.

The player starts off with 6 different types of turret with their own special abilities. Depending on what the waves will be for each map, the player will need to strategize accordingly.

As you play through the story mode, you will also find these card ‘buffs’ for your turrets and hero. Every card buff is different; it can either give you tremendous amount of damage for your turrets or maybe even provide you a decent amount of walk speed for your hero.

Pillow Zombies TD will feature numerous cards and it’s up to the player how they want to play their cards on each map. “The card (buff) system will allow the player to have their own unique play style” says Rimo Yoo, one of the game directors.

A quick video trailer is available for viewing to show in-game footage available on the website www.PillowZombies.com  and also be a look out for Pillow Zombies TD on Kickstarter.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Tower Defense, Strategy
Number of Players: Single Player
Platforms: Windows (Steam)
Release Date: Fall 2017
Average Game Length: 8 hours

Key Features:  

  • Various unique Tower Defense game play
  • Card buff system to customize Turrets and Heroes
  • Immersive storyline
  • Multiple levels and zombies
  • Turret skill shot abilities
Tyler Trosper
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