Breath of the Wild Master Sword

Pre-orders are up for the Nintendo Switch version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and in addition to the standard physical and digital editions of the game Nintendo has a special Master Edition available for the Switch.

Breath of the Wild Master Edition

In addition to the game itself, the Master Edition includes a Master Sword statue, a carrying case for the Switch designed after the Sheikah Slate, a 24-track soundtrack CD, a collectible Sheikah Eye coin, and a tapestry featuring a weather-worn map of Hyrule. The package is available from Nintendo’s online store for $129.99 USD.

Breath of the Wild amiibo

In addition to the Master Edition, there will be several amiibo figures coming for the game, which will be available at the game’s launch on March 3. The figures include two versions of Link, one on horseback and one with his bow and arrow, one of Zelda, one of a Bokoblin and one of one of the game’s Guardians. In addition to the new figures, the existing 8-bit Link, Wolf Link, Adult Link from Ocarina of Time and Toon Link and Zelda amiibo will work with Breath of the Wild as well.

Chris Melchin
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