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Cheritz, a game developer, has donated $100,000 to Save the Children, Lifeline Korea, and Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center. The money came straight from their profits from their hit mobile game, Mystic Messenger. With their goal of “Make female gamers happy,” Cheritz aimed to directly help other people’s lives along with those who play their games.

For more details on the company and the charities involved, Cheritz provided a press release:

Cheritz Co., Ltd (CEO Sujin Ri, 28) has revealed that the company has donated $ 100,000 of the profit from the game Mystic Messenger to donate and support three charity organizations, Save the Children, Lifeline Korea, and Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center.

Save the Children is an international non-governmental organization that provides relief and support to promote children’s rights in around 120 countries. Cheritz supported the campaign School Me organized by Save the Children to send girls in Africa to school. School Me has initiated several projects of cultivating female teachers, building dormitories, providing vocational education and such to bring education to African girls in countries including Sierra Leone, Liberia, Uganda, and Ivory Coast for the past five years. The campaign has also been providing basic school kits consisting of uniforms, backpacks, gym clothing, stationary and other necessities.

Lifeline Korea is one of Korea’s largest suicide prevention call centers. The center is staffed with professionally educated volunteers every hour and day of the year and distributes educational programs for teenage suicide prevention. Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center is a women’s activist organization that has provided relief to more than 77,000 victims of sexual assault and has been actively organizing anti-sexual assault campaigns across the nation. They also operate affiliated victim shelters and research centers.

Cheritz has been developing and publishing exclusively female-oriented games with the motto of “Make female gamers happy.” The mobile game Mystic Messenger has gained wide popularity from female users across the globe, from Korea to North America and Southeast Asia. The game has set an exceptional record of achieving 2.5 million downloads without a marketing campaign or external investment. It also ranked number 4 on Tumblr’s 2016’s Top Video Games list following Overwatch and Pokémon Go.

Cheritz CEO Sujin Ri has stated, “We hoped to make people feel happy and warmhearted through Mystic Messenger. We see the game’s success as a gift from our users who really sympathized with our goal.” She continued, “The game industry is fiercely competitive, but we wanted to show that companies and consumers can make contributions together to the world through games.”

“We are always thankful for the support our users have shown us. Through this donation, we as developers hope to better other people’s lives along with our users,” revealed the staff at Cheritz.

Cheritz aims to continue developing games that can bring happiness to people’s lives.


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