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Sekai Project have recently shared a development update on the console ports of Fault Milestone One and Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition via their website. Both mentioned games will be launching in Q1 2017 digitally via the PlayStation Store. Both games will be releasing on PS Vita whereas Fault Milestone One will be releasing on PS4 as well. It’s worth noting that these ports are being carried out by Mighty Rabbit Studios, and their subsidiary Limited Run Games will be handling a physical release of Fault Milestone One. Further details on their other console releases will follow in the future once these games are released, including some “surprises.” Below you will find summaries of the updates on each game:

Fault Milestone One:

  • The engine coding is finsihing and the next focus is adding new features and an exclusive user interface (pictured below).
  • The Brazilian musician Luiza Carvalho will be composing an exclusive musical score for the PS4/Vita versions of the game.
  • Further updates for the console ports can be found on developer Alice in Dissonance’s Patreon page.

Root Double: -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition

  • The PS Vita version is now in QA at Sony.
  • This version was handled by Regista.
  • Backers will recieve a notification on the precise release date.


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