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Nippon Ichi Software Developing for the Switch

Nippon Ichi Prinny perhaps on the switch?

Nippon Ichi Software has confirmed that it will be developing titles for Nintendo’s upcoming console. It seems some new titles will be launched on the console. This is from an interview that was done with Soheii Niikawa who holds roles such as President and CEO for the company.

“Nippon Ichi Software will deliver various content from Gifu Prefecture to the world. In 2017 as well, we will actively launch new IP in the consumer game market. But it doesn’t end there. We will steadily take on new initiatives. We also have Nintendo Switch project(s), so please look forward to that. (There has been some skepticism about our company’s participation, but…. we’re in proper development!)”

So what do all of you think about it? Think we’ll see some of their other games ported over to the Switch too?


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