Justin’s Most Wanted Characters for Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

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Marvel VS Capcom Infinite | title
Marvel Vs Capcom 4 is now at a thing, or rather Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite is now a thing. Many of us thought this would never happen as it was never fully clear whether Capcom would be able to gain the rights Marvel properties again after their movies have blown up in popularity in recent years. However at the last PSX, what was just a rumor was now proved to be a reality. Next year, we will have the next iteration of what is one of my favorite fighting game series. I’ve been following these games ever since X-Men Vs Street Fighter back in the day, both in the arcade and at home on PS1. I always love crossover games like these as people always try to predict the roster for the game. This time, I will jump on that bandwagon as well and show you who I would like to see in the game on both the Capcom and Marvel side.

Marvel vs Capcom | Marvel logo

Marvel Vs Capcom | Venom

Venom – Why Venom was not in Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is beyond me. You might say it was due to a certain “divisive” movie, but he was incredible in the original Marvel Vs Capcom and its sequel Besides with the new Spider-man movie coming out, it would make sense to promote this series more and attempt to regain some of the goodwill back from the 5 people that still read Spider-Man after those last couple of arcs and the cancellation of a particular show

Marvel Vs Capcom | Punisher

The Punisher – For you youngins out there, Capcom actually had the rights to The Punisher back in the day. They even released a Final Fight-style beat ’em up where you can play as both him and Nick Fury. If The Punisher makes it into Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite, that would be an incredible opportunity for Capcom to include easter eggs for fans of their older games and also Punisher is just a badass!

Marvel Vs Capcom | Black Widow

Black Widow – Today, The Avengers are HUGE! Yet for some reason, I notice many people seem to not give Black Widow as much attention as the rest of the guys despite her being a cool character. She has yet to get her own movie (probably because it would be rated R considering her backstory), and also the rest of that team is in the game, why not add her too? An acrobatic gun-slinging assassin has EVERY right to be in this kind of game and I would definitely look forward to kicking butt as her.

Marvel Vs Capcom | Daredevil

Daredevil – I would love to see Daredevil in this game due to the very nature of his abilities. The guy is blind meaning his main attacks wouldn’t necessarily be too offense heavy but instead rely on his other senses to fight enemies. How do you capture this in a 2D fighting game? I would imagine making him more of a counter/defensive character is a solid way to accomplish this, though that would make him a much more technical character. It’s kind of different for these kind of games as they tend to favor the aggressive playstyles, but perhaps having a more defensive character in the lineup could very well be the thing to add a whole new layer of depth to the series.

Marvel Vs Capcom | Fantastic 4

Anyone from the Fantastic 4 – This might be a controversial pick as I know with the recent movies, they are not exactly popular. I do think having these characters in the game could add some genuinely unique approaches to fighting games considering their abilities. It would also be really cool if their super moves can have them calling the rest of the team to help them dish out massive damage!


Marvel Vs Capcom | Capcom logo

Marvel Vs Capcom | Jin

Jin Saotome – Jin is one of the craziest characters from the original Marvel Vs Capcom. Each of his punches can set you on fire and when low on health he can activate super armor. He can even call in a mech so big that just the fist takes up half of the screen as he screams BLOOOOODIIAAAA!!! Sure Jin is fairly obscure and relatively unknown to newer gamers, but he has such a unique sense of style that would be more than welcome in this game. It’s such a shame he was cut from Marve Vs Capcom 3 as we never got to see the greatest taunt in HD:

Marvel Vs Capcom | Gene

Gene – Gene, like the already confirmed Mega Man X is a character that got passed over in Marvel Vs Capcom 3 despite ranking high in the controversial character poll. God Hand was a very misunderstood game when it came out. Other than being the butt of a long-running meme involving a certain big name video game journalism outlet, God Hand developed somewhat of a cult following. I’ve been playing the game a lot lately and I have to say, it is absolutely brilliant. The developers will have NO trouble coming up with moves for him, I mean listen to the credits song. This character writes itself!

Marvel Vs Capcom | Fransiska

Franziska Von Karma – The lady with a cold stare and her hand on a whip. Franziska was a force to be reckoned with in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Justice for All and only became more endearing of a character as the series went on. I would hate to count the amount of times she has whipped Phoenix Wright throughout the games. She was supposedly meant to be a character in the highly underrated and overlooked Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, but the developers were not able to get it quite right. Now is the time for them to try again so her and Phoenix can finally settle their differences.

Power Stone | Valgas

Valgas – The final boss from the original Power Stone would make an amazing addition to Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. This man is menacing but also incredibly fun to play as. Honestly, having Power Stone characters, in general, would be great especially since gems will be a gameplay mechanic in this new game. These characters would transition wonderfully!

These are just a small sample of the characters that could be put into this game. Who would you like to see as playable in Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite? Let us know in the comments.


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