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Paper Mario: Color Splash Extra Life Stream Day 2 is Live Now!

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9 hours played , $342 raised, and we’re still going strong!

We still need your help!

Yesterday, I started a playthrough of Paper Mario: Color Splash as part of Team oprainfall’s Extra Life 2016 campaign. So far we’ve raised $342 of our $1000 goal. We still have a lot to go, but I’m hopeful we can make it. Especially since we’re working to provide you some entertainment in exchange for your donation. Enter Day 2 of the Color Splash stream.

Extra Life | Paper Mario Color Splash
Yes, it’s a far cry from the original Paper Mario, but at the same time this may be the perviest Mario game ever with lines like “I can’t feel my pants.”

So far Color Splash has indeed played out like an improved sequel to Paper Mario: Sticker Star. The combat system is pretty much the same as Sticker Star save for using cards instead of stickers. Really though what’s been the highlight of the game is the dialogue, in particular, our paint can buddy Huey who’s first order of business is to ask if Princess Peach wants to get a burger. Is it amazing so far? No, but hey a mediocre Mario game is still better than most games in general. So how far do we plan to take this playthrough?

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I’m playing in hopes beat the game. Yep, I’m marathoning this one as long I can today. It’s gonna be a tough road, but for charity, I think it’s worth it.

So please stop by our Twitch channel for some fun and to, hopefully, raise some money to help some kids!  If you want to track our progress you can do so on our team page here or by clicking on the badge below. If you want to make a donation then please click either donation button below.


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