Earlier at San Diego Comic Con this year, Titan Comics announced plans to rerelease the American Robotech comics physically and digitally. In an interview with Den of Geek, Harmony Gold, the owners of the property, clarified that the plans cover the entire backlog of comics and not just the ones published by Comico.

There’s tremendous fan demand to release the old stuff. One of the questions we’re constantly asked, ‘Will the old comics ever be released as a trade paperback or as digital downloads?’ They’re very difficult to find, even the stuff from Wildstorm a few years ago sold out very quickly.

As they examine to see if some of the older comics are reprintable, a release date is uncertain. At the moment, priority is focused on the new Robotech comic book series.

Over the years, several companies published comics based on the 1985 Robotech series, including Comico, Eternity, Academy, Antarctic, and Wildstorm.


Tyler Trosper
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