New Nintendo 3DS | Box

Hey, you. Yeah, you. Do you like the color green? How about the SNES classic, Super Mario World? Do you not yet own a New Nintendo 3DS? Well if you answer “yes” to the above questions you might be interested in this new bundle being offered exclusively on Amazon. In addition to the handheld itself, it also comes pre-installed with the aforementioned game.

This bundle is priced at the usual $199.99 USD. You may want to take note of the fact that New 3DS’s do NOT come with a charger and will need to be purchased separately. It does however, use the same charger as the standard 3DS, so if you already have one of those you’ll be set. You can pick it up here.



Aaron Evangelisti
Aaron is a lifelong video games enthusiast who's been playing since the days of the NES. He enjoys just about all types of games from RPGs, to platformers, to strategy. He also fancies himself a bit of a writer so writing about video games makes sense, right?