Haikyu!! 3rd Season, By Sentai Filmwork

Haikyu!! acquired by Sentai Filmworks

The third season of Haikyu!! has been acquired by Sentai Filmworks. If you haven’t been following along with the series, here’s a description of the newest season:

“Picking up where the second season ended, the boys prepare to finally face off for the right to represent the prefecture in the volleyball national championship. Despite being known as “The Fallen Champions,” Karasuno is determined to take down the powerhouse that is the Shiratorizawa High volleyball team. As Hinata comes closer to fulfilling his promise to defeat Ushijima’s team, will the “Flightless Crows” finally find their wings and soar above the best school in the prefecture?”

Haikyu!! 3rd Season: Karasuno VS. Shiratoizawa High School is currently available to stream on Crunchyroll.


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