Squid Girl under Sentai Filmworks

Squid Girl, Under Sentai Filmworks

Both seasons and the OVAs for Squid Girl have now been licensed by Sentai Filmworks. No time was given to see when the series would be released under Sentai Filmworks’ label. If you are unfamiliar with the anime which is based off of the manga by Masahiro Anbe, here’s a description from Sentai Filmworks.

“The cutest little tentacle-haired invader from the sea, Squid Girl, has come to subdue humanity! Unfortunately, she’s in hot water with the Aizawa siblings after a demonstration of her squid powers destroys their restaurant, the Lemon Beach House. Now, she’s forced to work as a waitress for them until she pays off her damages. Between her aquatic puns, bickering with the Aizawa sisters, tiffs with customers, and the many misadventures that come with seaside life, Squid Girl has her hands, and her tentacles, full!”


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