MangaGamer made a few announcements during their panel at Anime Weekend Atlanta. Here is a list of what was announced:

First up is Go Go Nippon 2016.  This version adds UI  tweaks, a brand new expansion that adds six new locations to explore and even more event CG.

Next up we have MangaGamer’s first ever fighting game, Golden Fantasia CROSS. This title is based off the acclaimed visual novel Umineko When They Cry! Featuring 19 characters that can be paired up in a variety of ways for some crazy tag team fighting action.

Featuring both story mode and multiplayer, competitive play, Golden Fantasia CROSS will be coming to both MangaGamer and Steam!

The last title announcement comes from Lupiesoft. The Stargazers is a Science fiction adventure in space that follows the exploits of the crew as they explore space, rescue ships and much more. There will be an all ages Steam release as well as an uncensored release on for this one.

Here are some screenshots from the game as well:

There was also one more piece of news from Lupiesoft. The Menagerie is getting a DLC expansion featuring two new heroines Pippistrelli and Omara. Both have been a part of The Menagerie for a long time and when Pippistrelli returns to find Omara mourning the death of her sister our story begins.

And here is a trailer for the DLC:

You can check out the press release below the break for even more information!

September 30th, 2016 – MangaGamer announces three new titles at Anime Weekend Atlanta!

Let’s GO GO to Nippon for another exciting adventure in Go Go Nippon 2016! In addition to UI tweaks to add a wallet display and showcase which girl provides the tour, this brand new expansion also adds six new locations to explore and even more event CG with Makoto and Akira!

Explore Tokyo Station, Ueno, Rikugi-en, Nakano, Shibamata, and Yanaka together with Makoto and Akira! You can even enjoy a new getaway together with one of them at a park or a manga cafe! You’ll also get to see your favorite girl in a brand new outfit and watch fireworks together!

Our next announcement isn’t even a visual novel, it’s MangaGamer’s first fighting game–Golden Fantasia CROSS–a fighting game based on our very own Umineko When They Cry!

Drawing from the highly-acclaimed visual novel, this 2D tag-team fighting game features 19 different characters from the series that can be paired to create a wide variety of different match-ups! Combine meta world abilities and fighting styles between partners to create your best tag-team for crushing the competition! Change-up your tag-outs to control the flow the battle–whether pressing an attack, halting a rushdown, escaping from potential stun or guard break, or to recover chip damage–timing your tag is an important key to victory!

Featuring both story mode and multiplayer, competitive play, Golden Fantasia CROSS will be coming to both MangaGamer and Steam!

We’re also excited to announce The Stargazers, from the English developers Studio Lupiesoft, known for their work on The Menagerie and Toko: The Reject Demon! What would it be like to explore deep space? To chart the unknown landscape of the outer rim, assessing new planets for their potential as colonies? What wonders and excitement might await?

Inspired by pulp sci-fi, The Stargazers follows Temperance as she joins the Shooting Star to explore and chart the galaxy with its crew. Join these girls as she discover new wonders of space, rescue lost ships, fight to survive against notorious villains, and more! Of course, sometimes the outer reaches of space might get lonely, but the girls have each other for that.

The all-ages version of The Stargazers will be available on Steam this November, but fans can pre-order the complete, adult version on right now and get 10% off!

We’ll also be continuing our relationship with Studio Lupiesoft to bring out a DLC expansion for The Menagerie! This new DLC adds a brand new route to the story featuring two new heroines: Pippistrelli and Omara. Both have been members of the Menagerie for a long time, with Pippi’s ability to fly offering her unique means to come and go from the collection of girls throughout her life. When she returns this time, she finds Omara, the elf who helped care for Pippi, in mourning over the death of her older sister.

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