Title Sakura Space
Developer Winged Cloud
Publisher Denpasoft
Release Date September 2nd 2016
Genre Visual Novel
Platform PC
Age Rating 18+
Official Website

Winged Cloud has released yet another game in the long running Sakura series. This entry is called Sakura Space and follows the adventures of some beautiful yet bad-ass mercenaries as they try to uncover the mystery behind an enormous bounty being offered for a particular job. I thought this was an interesting idea for one of these titles, so I took it on for review. Let’s see how it turned out!

Other than the space theme this game looks pretty much like all of the other games Winged Cloud has developed in the series. The girls look fantastic and this art style has a Science Fiction look and is sexy as hell. I just wish they would mix up the body styles a bit. My main problem with these games is that one girl could be transported to another title in the series and you probably wouldn’t even notice. Since I feel visual novels rely greatly on characters, unique looks for each character go a long way in improving that aspect for me.

Sakura Space | Screenshot

In the sound department the game is decent. There are plenty of great themes that have an authentic Science Fiction feel to them. They are well placed within the story to set the tone of each scene as well. Upbeat action tunes play during tense moments and there are slower, more somber tunes when the girls are getting intimate with each other. There is no voice acting in this title, but I feel like they should look into adding it to subsequent titles since it would add a lot to the overall experience.

While the main plot itself is fairly interesting, with lots of plot twists and turns, it’s the girls themselves that really make this story shine. Shika (the Captain) is very down to earth. She thinks things through very thoroughly before acting. This is one of the qualities that makes her a great leader. She loves Kotori and Nami very much, and would likely put her own life on the line to keep them out of danger. Kotori is the childish character of the bunch. She is very impulsive and loves to molest the other girls at any given moment. Don’t let that carefree persona fool you though, she is a combat expert and could drop any opponent in an instant. I thought it was very cute that she collected teddy bears from every world they had visited. Nami is the shy girl of the group. Being very reserved, it is easy to get her flustered and I think that makes her adorable. She is the ship’s pilot, constantly gazing out into the stars and longing for something, but she’s not quite sure what it is.

Sakura Space | Screenshot

I played the uncensored version of the game, and it is filled with yuri goodness. I thought the sex scenes were pretty well done and written very erotically. This might seem like a no brainier, but I’ve played some eroge that would make your brain hurt from trying to process the silliness of the way the sex scenes were done. I did feel that a couple of these scenes were shoehorned in just to have them there. Like the girls would be seriously discussing the job and doing some hardcore thinking on the case at hand, and them BAM! It’s naughty time out of nowhere. It reminded me of watching Orgazmo. You saved us! Now let’s do the nasty! Which kinda made me laugh and was entertaining, but I’m not sure if I was entertained for the right reasons or not.

Sakura Space | Screenshot

If you’re a fan of Winged Clouds other titles you will probably enjoy Sakura Space as well. It is fairly well written, and despite my few issues with sex scene placement it is pretty entertaining. The only other issue I had with this title is the text is white, and I personally thought that made it harder to read than if if were black. The game will run you $10 on Nutaku and it will take around 4 to 5 hours to finish. So if you are into sex space time, you may want to check this one out.

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