Dark Horse publishes Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D

A new volume of Vampire Hunter D will be coming soon. Vampire Hunter D Vol. 24: Throng of Heretics will be published through Dark Horse comics. It is written by Hideyuki Kikuchi and is illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano. Here’s a description of the volume provided by Dark Horse:

“It’s a complicated title for such a fun, breezy, yet chilling and thrilling novel, but author Hideyuki Kikuchi has a way with words—and it’s best to have the best understanding of his titles for the greatest enjoyment of them. In this twenty-fourth volume of the fan-favorite vampire series, a motley crew of hunters is hired to investigate, and if necessary, eradicate a potential massive uprising of vampires long buried and contained at the edge of the Frontier. Amongst this motley crew stands the half-vampire hunter known only as D, astride his trusty cyborg horse, and as always, accompanied by a running commentary by the demon possessing his left hand. 
The vampire clan they face, the Xeno family, brings a blood thirst honed by three hundred years in underground exile and a memory of betrayal from a population of humans once held in their thrall, and it doesn’t make a bit of difference that the villagers now under attack are barely even related to the people who lived there before. These vampires have a bone to pick and a score to settle, and as long as it’s human blood that’s spilled, one victim is as good as another! It’s a matter of high drama, high emotion, and high stakes that tests the extraordinary abilities of the incomparably beautiful, preternaturally calm D as they have never been tested before. And yet—if anyone can face this deadly threat, D’s the guy!”


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