new senran kagura

A new Senran Kagura game may just be on the horizon. Recently, Senran Kagura had it’s 5 year anniversary, and the developers celebrated by showing off the anniversary page of their website. At the end of the webpage, the site teases something set for 2017. Though as of this writing, it’s unknown what the new game will be about.


The series filled with fanservice and ninja had several games released on the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4 and Vita, and recently Steam saw a re-release of Shinovi Versus with all the DLC included.

The continuity of the series is split in two, following the endings presented in the Senran Kagura Burst. The 3DS series continues the Hanzo route ending with Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson. Meanwhile, Shinovi Versus and Estival Versus continued from the Hebijo route ending on the PS4 and Vita. Both routes have undergone retcons for the story however. As for Bon Appetit, it has been claimed as non-canon and is more of a rhythm-game, as opposed to the hack and slash gameplay the other games went for. It’s also unknown which of these continuities the new game will continue with.

We’ll keep you updated for more news on the games all about life and hometown!

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