Dragon Quest Builders

Square Enix announced many pre-order items would be available for Dragon Quest Builders. However, not all of them are the same depending on where the player pre-orders from.

For pre-ordering on the PlayStation Store, players will gain the Day One Edition. It will include recipes for Slimy Block, Springtide Sprinkles, and Gold Block. Players will also receive an exclusive theme for the PS4. There is also the Retro Building Pack, including four more recipes for 8-Bit Brick, Olde Worlde Wall, Retro Roof, and Time-Honored Turf.

For pre-ordering through Amazon, players will receive the Knight Abhorrent and Knight Errant Battle Ticket/Mage Blueprint, and the Vis Mager and Dracky Battle Ticket/Warrior Blueprint. Both of these will include battles against these foes. Players must defeat these monsters to gain the blueprints.

For pre-ordering with GameStop and EB Games, players will receive the Green Dragon and Slime Battle Ticket/Hero Blueprint, and the Tearwolf and Ghost Battle Ticket/Martial Artists Blueprint. The same rules apply like the Amazon pre-orders, just against different foes with different blueprint rewards.

Dragon Quest Builders will arrive on October 11, 2016 on the PS4 and Vita (though only digitally).

Jonathan Falu
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