Mother Russia Bleeds | oprainfall

Horizontal scrolling beat-’em-ups are rather uncommon nowadays, but indie developers sometimes bring us a few of them. Le Cartel Studio has worked on a new iteration of the genre with Mother Russia Bleeds, a brutal game where you can play alone or with up to three teammates locally to help you. In an alternate world, prisoners are forced to take part in underground fights by  a crime syndicate in the U.S.S.R., and are used as guinea pigs for drugs experiments. The player will be able to play in Story or Survival mode and face various challenges. It goes without saying, but the aesthetics and atmosphere of the game are ultra violent and clearly not intended for everyone. The player will have the possibility to use various methods to slay enemies, and various drugs are available to temporarily boost the character. The technical requirements to run the game are rather low, and most of computers should handle it without any problems. The game can be purchased for $13.49 here.

Fabrice Stellaire
Fabrice Stellaire is a french gamer who started playing on an Amstrad CPC that ran tapes. He then got one with floppy disks and started playing on a gameboy pocket in 1998. Later, he discovered playstation and playstation 2 games, before moving to PC and 3ds. He likes most of games genres except sports and car games.Among his favourite games are Fallou ,Baldu'sgate, Final Fantasy 8, Vagrant Story or Shin Megami Tensei games.