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Sega has released numerous screenshots for the PS4 exclusive Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, set for release in Japan on December 8th. This is not the end of the news, as two new characters have been introduced.

The first of which is Kanji Koshimizu, a lieutenant of the Himei Alliance, boss of the Koshimizu family, and really likes mortal kombat (not the game, actually fighting to the death). The other is Koji Masuzoe, the boss of the Masuzoe Family of the Himei Alliance. No other details are available at this time. Videos of their voice actors can be found below after the screenshots.

Combat has also been detailed, taking into account more for the environment and terrain, as seen with the playable character, Kazuma, knocking someone from down the steps in one screenshot. Or another when he is about to ram someone’s crotch into something else. Weapons are usable, like bicycles and wrenches too. Kazuma’s attack style has been revised too, adding more variety with defensive moves and tactics, as well as more offensive mode. He will even get a new ability called “Ultimate Heat Mode.” During this state, Kazuma’s attack power increases, as does his defense against weaker foes.

For those concerned about too much combat in the game, there is an option not to fight. This allows more more exploration and enjoying the story too.



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